Mountain Terrace takes ‘Ghost Voices’ for a high-speed runMountain Terrace 1

Mountain Terrace takes ‘Ghost Voices’ for a high-speed run

Pendulum‘s El Hornet has surfaced under a new moniker, Mountain Terrace, to release an impressive a drum ‘n’ bass remix of Virtual Self‘s “Ghost Voices.” Released just on the cusp of 2018, “Ghost Voices” acquired instant applaud, serving as the masthead for Porter Robinson‘s newly instated, “neo-trance” alias, Virtual Self.

Though the track has been heavily remixed in recent months, few have opted, like Mountain Terrace has, for such a dramatic tempo change. MT immediately propels the listener into a full-tilt drum ‘n’ bass whirlwind of an intro. However, he then moves the rendition into VS’ original, weighty, and slightly slowed trance interlude to lend the track a soothing sentiment before erupting again into an unhinged vortex of amen breaks.

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