Premiere: Dense & Pika – Hard LightDense Pika Hard Light

Premiere: Dense & Pika – Hard Light

UK duo Dense & Pika, comprised of Chris Spero (also known as Glimpse) & Hypercolour boss Alex Jones, have grown to be some of the most trusted names in dance over the years. Known for their signature emotive and uptempo touch that’s landed them on esteemed imprints such as Hotflush, Planet E, Drumcode, Aus, and many more, Spero & Jones have touched down at Jones’ own Hypercolour label with a high-octane two-track EP entitled ‘Amber’.

The EP’s second track “Hard Light” starts with a percussive workout and taut kicks that set the pace as dark chords enter the fore. Shuffling hats send the track soaring upwards as pads waft in the background for an eyes closed moment on the floor. Before coming back down, silvery bleeps and synth stabs bring a big sonic whoosh to any big room, truly bringing some ‘Hard Light’ to the dancer’s ear.



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