Premiere: Edu Imbernon feat. Nico Casal – Chapter One (Original Mix)Edu Imbernon Nico Casal Chapter One

Premiere: Edu Imbernon feat. Nico Casal – Chapter One (Original Mix)

They exist on two distinct ends of the musical plane — one a budding house and techno talent, and the other a reputable, Oscar-winning composer. The former, Edu Imbernon, had been a longtime fan of the latter (Casal), who had expressed interest in stepping outside his usual realm of expertise. Thus, their partnership was formed.

Two tracks were born out of this collaborative new project, each an embodiment of the intense chemistry shared in the studio between Imbernon and Casal. “Chapter One” commences their musical journey together on an appropriately sentimental, yet tasteful note. Classic house elements add a spot of cheerful nostalgia among cloudy, mysterious synth harmonies, making for a balanced production. It is then taken to the next level by way of cinematic undertones, with soft, subtle pads and orchestral accents, plus clever arrangement adding a “je ne sais quois” to the piece that one would expect when working with an artist who scores for a living.

“Chapter One,” and an accompanying “Levitate,” will be released on Imbernon’s Fayer imprint come June 29.

Of “Chapter One,” and working with Nico Casal, Edu Imbernon had some nice words to say:

“We originally found Nico while we were looking for artists for our Fayer label; we’d been talking to his manager about other projects for a while.

We heard his compositions and film scores and loved them, and the fact that he was a fellow Spaniard also made a huge difference. Beyond my electronic music cohorts I have grown with in the Spanish scene, it’s rare to find Spanish musicians I really love.

As I’d been experimenting more with these kinds of sounds at the time, it [was] like it was destiny for this to come together, and when we started working in my studio it felt like that even more.

We instantly connected via the music but also on a number of personal levels. It’s just one of those personal and creative relationships that clicks into place incredibly naturally and instantly.

These two upcoming tracks – Chapter One, and Levitate — are from our first sessions together, and we hope and believe this is just the beginning…”

Pre-order a copy of ‘Chapter One’ here

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