Premiere: Matador – SurrenderAir Matador Rukus

Premiere: Matador – Surrender

A new craze has been swept the underground as a counterbalance to the banging, percussive techno du jour: “melodic techno/house.” It resembles classic trance, albeit a bit slower in tempo, and songs produced under this banner have been captivating listeners worldwide with touching melodies and ethereal breakdowns.

RUKUS owner Matador is no stranger to melody-infused tech and techno either, having placed these elements into his own fold for quite some time. However, he’s gone particularly hypnotic, dare we say “trance-y,” in his most recent Air EP.

Take “Surrender,” for example, which Dancing Astronaut has chosen to premiere. Shadowy by way of its minor key, its burst of synthesizer, downward melodic progressions, and hits of vibrating, electro accents make for quite the sonic adventure. It builds slowly into its relaxing break, only to gather back up again into a full-blown symphony of driving harmonies and pungent percussion. One feels almost like they’re driving down an empty highway at night while listening.

“Surrender,” and the rest of Air, are set for a June 8 release. Order a copy here



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