Premiere: Notaker x BlackGummy – CorruptedNotaker Blackgummy

Premiere: Notaker x BlackGummy – Corrupted

As Notaker gears up for his forthcoming mau5trap EP, the artist has joined forces with fellow bass mastermind BlackGummy for an eerie bass journey, “Corrupted.”

The four-and-a-half-minute collaboration leans into the shadowy side of the artists’ production, bringing the listener slowly into their lair as the song opens up. Chilling vocals and a dreamy synth melody build up to a chasm of glitchy bass, layered with haunting themes throughout. Despite its grimy qualities, “Corrupted” is simultaneously crisp and clean, showcasing both artists’ stellar production style.

Notaker told DA a little about the concept of his upcoming EP and the atmosphere he envisions for the collection of music.

“The concept behind this EP was to expand on the idea of my Vessel series by creating a story using the tracklist order, mood, and artwork for each song to tell an ambiguous sci-fi/space story about the Vessel,” he says. “Essentially the Vessel’s A.I. experiences a Fatal System Error after The Vessel travels through a wormhole, the Corrupted A.I. then becomes hostile towards the crew forcing many of the to jettison the Vessel and go into Hypersleep. The remaining crew then cut the power supply to the A.I. and have to travel back through the wormhole without any guidance. Also in the promo mix I spliced in a few audio clips of dialogue from movies that I drew inspiration from for the story and artwork (Interstellar, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Alien).”

Notaker’s Erebus I EP is out July 6 on mau5trap.

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