Revist Skrillex’s legendary Red Rocks Mothership performance four years laterSkrille Red Rocks 2014

Revist Skrillex’s legendary Red Rocks Mothership performance four years later

Back in 2014, we saw Skrillex‘s career reach its first real peak with the release of his seminal debut album and the ensuing Mothership Tour that followed. But four years in dance music can feel more like an eternity, and since then, detours with Jack Ü and massive collaboration opportunities with some of the world’s biggest pop stars have generally occupied the majority of Skrillex’s creative output, leaving fans starved for any semblance of hope that a pick-up-where-Recess-left-off scenario might still occur. Rumors of a sophomore record have been circulating for some time now, most notably with Diplo spilling the beans in passing, but while we hold our collective breath waiting for that to materialize into anything substantial, we can still revisit the pinnacle of Recess-era Skrillex on the fourth anniversary of his famed Red Rocks Mothership performance.

From the moment the curtain drops in front of the life-sized spaceship rig, the OWSLA figurehead rattles Red Rocks Amphitheater with a full two hours of heavy bass essentials for what is undoubtedly one of Skrillex’s most memorable outings to date. A lot can change in four years, and in the life of an internationally renown global dance icon, four years probably feels more like eight. But something tells us were approaching something big from Skrillex, and a revisiting of his Red Rocks set might be the perfect primer.

Featured photo: Caesar Sebastian; Aorta

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