San Holo – Right Here, Right Now (Saint WKND Remix)Right Here Right Now Saint WKND Remi

San Holo – Right Here, Right Now (Saint WKND Remix)

Few can create future bass in the utterly euphoric manner that San Holo can. The now-iconic producer has a way with melodies that tugs at the heart strings without feeling too contrived or cheesy — such is the case once more with his summery Taska Black collaboration “Right Here, Right Now.”

Among those chosen to re-work the new single was Saint WKND, who’s been making waves in the deep sphere out of his homeland of Germany. He preserves the original’s sunny output, but does so in a way completely his own, pitching down the vocals and amping up the bass grooves to create a satisfying, funk-driven record. Though short in length, Saint WKND effectively creates an afterglow in his rendition that lasts well past the song’s ending.


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