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Are SOPHIE and Lady Gaga planning total pop domination?

SOPHIE‘s recent album, OIL OF EVERY PEARL’s UN-INSIDES, provided the architectural blueprints for pop’s future. Experimental, vulnerable, and destructive in its reinterpretation of the pop’s most common themes; SOPHIE’s debut album was unapologetically avant-garde. The album’s message largely leans on the idea of paving the way for a whole new world, referenced both directly in the album’s track by the same name and in her contextualization of just what gender, radio-pop, and experimentation can mean. Having already worked with enormous acts like Madonna, Charli XCX, and Vince Staples, and even EDM mainstays like Cashmere Cat, Diplo, and Flume; SOPHIE is ushering in a new age of musical versatility.

Like SOPHIE, Lady Gaga too has come to define streaming era pop with her fearlessly experimental and ever-fluctuating artful pop brand. Recently, it’s become known that the two artists might be working together on new music and truthfully it seems like a union that might be long overdue.

While neither of the two has commented on matters yet, fellow mega producer BloodPop has suggested that the two could be working together. After he posted about SOPHIE’s recent debut album on Twitter, followers began asking him to get Mother Monster and SOPHIE together. In response, BloodPop simply liked the tweets and replied with a wink to one.

Hopefully, the stars align. A SOPHIE and Lady Gaga collaboration would undoubtedly change the game.


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