Spencer Brown ignites the senses in second installment of ‘Illusion Of Perfection’Spencer Brown 1

Spencer Brown ignites the senses in second installment of ‘Illusion Of Perfection’

Following up his chart-topping debut album, Spencer Brown released its second installment, Illusion Of Perfection pt. IIThe San Fransisco-native is a profound staple in the Anjunabeats family, with whom he released the album, for the past few years. According to Brown, the remarkably well-received release is nothing more than a mix album, stemming from a collection of records he has been weaving into his sets.

Pt. II picks up just where its predecessor left off: in the same nighttime aesthetic, with larger than life progressive builds and deep, grooving basslines. “Audio,” with Liam Hathaway, serves as the appropriate catalyst for the journey-oriented tone of the EP as a whole, with its twinkling bell melodies, reminiscent of a night sky, and spirited piano chords. Brown hoists up the intensity on “J2,” with its fierce, stuttering kicks and prophetic melodicism capped off by a soulful house vocal cut.

“Hippie Hill” sits atop the EP’s crest, with vigorous, cultivating beats like crashing waves that give way to delicate chime and piano accents. Finally, the listener reaches the utopia alive in “The Gardens,” where a staticky, atmospheric intro surrenders to a torrential downpour of swirling kaleidoscope of synths and unwavering house beats.

Brown also recently took to Twitter to announce there will be a coinciding Illusion Of Perfection documentary where he will speak to his motivations for each track.

Photo Credit: Anjunabeats

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