WAVEDASH & QUEST release their sinister new EP, ‘Devil Music’WAVEDASH QUEST EP

WAVEDASH & QUEST release their sinister new EP, ‘Devil Music’

WAVEDASH & QUEST have released their haunting new three-track EP, Devil Music, off Mat Zo‘s Mad Zoo label. The lead single, “Adagio,” is a classical buildup with electric frequencies coming off the piano and ambiance. It sounds almost like Satan himself is being slowly revealed behind red velvet curtains and a filled opera house — a perfect prelude to the feature track.

“Devil Music,” is the scary part of the cinematic buildup, combining elements of noisy electro house and old-school dubstep. Throughout this track, along with the intro, there’s a sinister, crackling ambiance that adds a noisy glitch dynamic, making the audio sound older. This is perfect, because they released limited edition cassette tapes along with the EP. Watch out for the surprise ending that only someone making “devil’s music” would think of.

The finale, “Star Power,” goes super hard. Headbangers will be going crazy to this one at festivals this summer.

Devil Music EP sees WAVEDASH and QUEST showing off their true music talents while still bathing in the murky, sound design wonderland that is dubstep. This EP is scary-good.

Photo Credit: WAVEDASH Instagram

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