Yellow Claw explore breadth of their sound ‘New Blood’ LP [Stream]New Blood Yellow Claw

Yellow Claw explore breadth of their sound ‘New Blood’ LP [Stream]

Bass heavyweights Yellow Claw had an interesting concept in mind when announcing their third album, New Blood: “Rather than trying to make some grand statement,” they began, the duo instead are using the body of work as an expression of their life on the road. Doing so allows the Dutch outfit to venture out beyond their tougher, festival-geared sound and show a new dimension of themselves in the process.

New Blood has finally arrived, following a bevy of high-charged singles and a wave of controversy following their choice of EDC surprise cameos that thrust Yellow Claw squarely back into public view. The tracklist is brimming with A-list collaborations — per their usual fashion — making it even more appealing to the eye.

It certainly meets the expectation of not making a “grand statement;” though more diverse in scope than what one would usually experience at a Yellow Claw set, they more or less fall in line with their signature sound without stretching too far outside their comfort zone. That isn’t to say it’s a terrible listen; in fact, New Blood is more than entertaining, with its future bass valleys and rap-assisted, trap peaks.

“Public Enemy,” a DJ Snake collaboration, is a heady production with a fierce drop and choatic sirens that will more than likely cause a frenzy on festival dancefloors throughout the season. Meanwhile, its downtempo opener “Lost On You” is a warm, feelsy hit that evokes beachside imagery and carefree sentiments. Alongside A$AP Ferg and Creek Boyz, Yellow Claw forged quite the climax for the LP in the explosive “Fake Channel.”

Rising vocalist STORi also plays a prominent role in New Blood, appearing on two tracks. Ultimately, the album is an enjoyable collection of tunes that are good placeholders for a more ambitious album endeavor, if one occurs.


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