1788-L announces debut EP, ‘SENTIENCE’ on mysterious AI-powered website1788 L Sentience Ep

1788-L announces debut EP, ‘SENTIENCE’ on mysterious AI-powered website

1788-L has been an enigma for some time now, emerging with stellar remixes marked by intense synths and unique designs. Having collaborated with REZZ on her upcoming album, Certain Kind Of Magic‘s “H E X” the mysterious producer has made quite a bit of noise in the bass world already. Recently, 1788-L launched an inexplicable AI-powered website that gives users answers to specific questions. Fans of course jumped all over this, asking about unreleased music.

Click HERE to access the website and feel free to ask away.

Facts users found out were 1788-L’s has a four-track EP named, SENTIENCE, and it’s coming out in August. The tracklist features four tracks, known currently as, “FULL/BURST,” “NU/VER/KA,” “FORCE/IMPULSE,” and “ASTRAY/R.” The lead single, “FULL/BURST” will be released August 3, the same day his collaborator REZZ is set to deliver her sophomore LP. Things are moving fast for the burgeoning new act as 1788-L is slated to support Ekali’s upcoming Crystal Eyes tour, shortly after his debut DJ performance at Brownies & Lemonade in LA a couple weeks ago. Attendees on Reddit seem to have confirmed the DJ/producer is in fact Stonewall Klaxon, though the project’s secretive allure continues to give it an added measure of appeal.

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