Apple Music outpaces Spotify in number of paid U.S. subscribersScreenshot 2015 06 08 16.02.46

Apple Music outpaces Spotify in number of paid U.S. subscribers

Spotify falls just slightly in Apple Music’s rearview in the context of paid U.S. subscriptions.

While both streaming services each boast about 20 million paid users in the U.S., Apple Music outpaced Spotify by “a hair,” as Digital Music News reports. The information that indicated Apple Music’s recent overtaking of Spotify comes from an anonymous “major distributor,” but accords with the Wall Street Journal’s previous conjecture that Apple Music supersede Spotify in U.S. paid subscriptions “if it maintained a growth rate of five percent.”

Although Apple is winning when it comes to paid U.S. subscriptions, Spotify continues to lead Apple in global subscriptions, answering Apple’s 45 million paid international subscribers with a whopping 70 million.

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