Above & Beyond release stunning club oriented rework of ‘Always’ [Stream]Pasted Image 0

Above & Beyond release stunning club oriented rework of ‘Always’ [Stream]

Above & Beyond‘s “Always” arose as an album standout even before the group released Common Ground in full. A production that paints a poignant picture of romantic feeling that continues to flow long after a relationship dissipates, the lead single touted all the characteristics of a release destined to be a favorite among Above & Beyond listeners: emotive lyrics that express heart wrenching sentiment with a refined pang, meticulous technical arrangement, and Zoë Johnston.

Noticeably minimalistic in comparison to fellow Common Ground track listings like “My Own Hymn” and “Happiness Amplified,” “Always” sacrificed optimistic, energetic synth work for a quiet piano melody, subtle strings, and the occasional guitar accent, collectively laid beneath Johnston’s vocal.

Whereas the viscous pace of the bittersweet ballad suited the affective aim of the original, Above & Beyond’s “Always (Club Mix)” outfits the album definer with the trappings of an electronic production devoid in the original: soaring synths, punching percussion, and a comparatively quicker bpm. The club mix arrives with a gracefulness of execution that only Above & Beyond could effect.

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