Blue flames of desire emanate from Eli & Fur’s new ‘Night Blooming Jasmine’ EPEli Fur Night Blooming Jasmine 1

Blue flames of desire emanate from Eli & Fur’s new ‘Night Blooming Jasmine’ EP

From the white embers of Eli & Fur‘s newest EP, Night Blooming Jasmine, comes an exercise in versatility.

Night Blooming Jasmine sees the pair’s own utterly sensuous vocals and meticulous songwriting ripen and flourish. A transcendent, blue glow permeates throughout the EP’s four original tracks, tinging the slow-crashing grooves and low-end bass with both melancholy and a hint of the surreal. While more than suitable for a relaxed club atmosphere (especially the title track), to say the work belongs singularly in a dance setting would be tragically myopic. The EP’s cinematic and thought-provoking nature is an ideal choice for long, pensive drives, wherein the listener can allow the visceral melodies to adequately furrow and blossom in their eardrums.

Written about the flawed, eternal loftiness of LA, the title track is an homage to the paradise lost: a fallen Garden of Eden, portrayed through desirous lyrics and wistful arrangement. Eli & Fur illustrate the fleeting metamorphosis of a moment-turned-memory in “Something Was Real,” with its dark, downtempo lustfulness and introspective lyricism.

Night Blooming Jasmine revels in reverie once more through “Parfume.” An EP-wide motif is evident as the narrator wonders to herself, “Is this for real or something better?” along floating guitar strums and fervent kicks. Finally, “Honest,” with its rippling synth-patterns and vapory vocals, brings former themes to fruition, as the vocalist searches for something tangible in her tangled mass of thoughts. In lieu of providing the listener with a false sense of closure, she repeats a tepid, “I’m alright,” as an equally-somber melody beats on.

The Anjunadeep duo, whose real names are Eli Noble and Jennifer Skillman, have continued to hone their otherworldly tech-house/experimental sound since abandoning their pop-oriented songwriting years ago. Making an ascent through London’s prolific club scene as DJs, the two have been mainstays at Ibiza’s Ants parties, in addition to securing seats on first-class festival tickets like Coachella, Tomorrowland, and Ultra Miami.

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