Boys Noize delivers dizzying Housemeister ‘Stand Up!’ editBoys Noize Stand Up Edit 1

Boys Noize delivers dizzying Housemeister ‘Stand Up!’ edit

Fellow Berlin producers Boys Noize and Housemeister‘s rich and lengthy partnership has yet to slacken in the slightest. For the techno twofold’s latest collaborative endeavor, Housemeister’s most recent EP, Stand Up!, bolsters a Boys Noize edit as its title track, released on Boysnoize Records, no less. Though Housemeister runs a label of his own, AYCB, he has released under Boysnoize precipitously for more than a decade, including multiple studio-length albums.

Boys Noize’s “Stand Up!” edit is no-nonsense, industrial techno in its rawest form, borrowing from Detroit and early ’90s club-fixated fervor. The track’s distorted kicks, glitchy synth loops, and echoing, singular vocal cut will lead listeners to wander through its whirling, hazy techno tunnels.

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