BREAKING: Quivver announces his ‘ReKonstruktion’ via new LPQuivver ReKonstrukt

BREAKING: Quivver announces his ‘ReKonstruktion’ via new LP

It’s time for Quivver to ReKonstrukt.

One might wonder what the iconic artist means by that — after all, his three-decades-strong career has largely been a process of evolution and sonic transformation. Through the comprehensive album tale that is ReKonstrukt, however, we’re offered an intimate look at his past and present influences, and into his future. It’s Quivver like we’ve never seen him before.

ReKonstrukt guides listeners through twelve diverse, technical pieces of music. Similar to Sasha’s Involver series, seven of the record’s productions are ones that its authors admires, and has radically transformed to fit his vision and aural aesthetic. However, Quivver takes this format up a notch. Four new originals are woven into the mix, with the opening introduction serving as a haunting, ethereal gateway to the progressive, techy goodness that is the rest of the album. A fresh collaboration with Rick Pier O’Neil and D-Formation hides within as well.

Ultimately, the LP shows off where Quivver looks to take his sound moving forward. With his Controlled Substances as his launchpad, he uses this experimental, raw imprint of his to put himself on full display and show that he is more than the soft, melodic artist we’ve come to know. He shows that he can pioneer all aspects of underground dance, and will continue to do so.


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