Brodinski lets loose new collaboration ‘Split’ via short filmBrodinski Credit Julian Bajsel

Brodinski lets loose new collaboration ‘Split’ via short film

A period of relative silence from Brodinski has given way into an explosion of new developments for theĀ French icon. First off, we find that his heart is still with the sounds of hip-hop that he began exploring recently following a career in electro.

“Split” comes to us as a dynamic collaborative single with Peewee Longway, and a stunning short film of a music video to boot. Featuring Peewee Longway on rapping duties, his verses flow freely over a shadowy backtrack. Crisp, yet poignant guitar riffs make for a nice accompaniment to Longway’s stark vocals, which additionally fit into the short film’s cinematography. The viewer is taken around the less-glamorous parts of Los Angeles as the video’s protagonists go through a Hero’s Journey of sorts.

Making such a drastic switch in sound is a risky move that often translates to suicide; however, Brodinski is pulling his change in aural heart with finesse. His indie take on hip-hop is pleasing to the ears, and will likely sustain a fitting career in the underground. “Split” will be part of a forthcoming EP, which we imagine will be a further exploration of this new artistic side. It has yet to announce a name and release date.




Photo Credit: Julian Bajsel

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