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Caspa – Neurological

To any devoted bass-enthusiast, Caspa is a artist who needs no introduction. The London-based dubstep pioneer has been churning out devastating tracks since the genre’s early days. Now adding another selection to his vast array of singles from the past 18 months, the DJ and producer has released a dark, deep track titled “Neurological.”

Caspa masterfully blends the subtleties of old school dub with clean and crisp percussion in “Neurological.” The British producer’s laid-back approach finds no need for an intense build, smoothly dropping the song into a hard-hitting groove with a heavy low end. With choral vocal chops fitting for a nasty grime track, Caspa puts his London heritage on display on this slow-burning belter of a track. Not to mention, he shows off his abilities in balancing the past and present to create a timeless piece of music.

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