deadmau5 and Getter go on a coffee run [WATCH]Getter Deadmau5 Coffee Run Ripped From Vid

deadmau5 and Getter go on a coffee run [WATCH]

Getter and deadmau5 seem like they’d be the most unlikely of pairings on paper; the former is a newer act who’s known for his raucous bass productions and his video series cameos. The latter rose up for his more progressive-oriented productions, which have since given him the reputation of a “dance pioneer.”

There is one huge commonality the two share, however: their cheeky sense of humor. This shared trait is what made the two excellent partners for the most recent edition of deadmau5′ Coffee Run.

They discuss all sorts of career-related and other fun topics, including hitting people with cars, Skrillex being homeless at one point in his life, and laughing at slapstick humor. All-in-all, their interaction made for quite the entertaining hour of content!

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