deadmau5 releases crazy video for ‘Monophobia’ ft Rob SwireScreen Shot 2018 07 16 At 1.47.48 PM

deadmau5 releases crazy video for ‘Monophobia’ ft Rob Swire

Last week, the music world welcomed deadmau5‘s latest body of work: eight-track mau5ville: level 1, featuring names like Getter, nothing,nowhere and even Rob Swire.

To bring the EP to the next level, the guys paired the album’s first track, “Monophobia,” with intricate, video game-esque visuals. Directed by Nick DenBoer and Kenny Hotz, the video is shot at deadmau5’s very own abode, where a wild party has broken out. Mouse heads are rampant, as intense dancing ensues and glittery farts and poops decorate scene after scene.

This mau5ville: level 1 album will come as the first of several levels of unreleased music that will be released over the course of the next few months.

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