Diplo and MØ have done it again: Hear the two’s new breezy song of the summerOb A33fcf Diplo Mo Music Tracks

Diplo and MØ have done it again: Hear the two’s new breezy song of the summer

Cue the compelling piano intro: Diplo and  are back with the song of the summer.

To date, the pairing’s served up seven electrifying works together — and arguably their best respective material, too. Remember “Lean On,” “Get It Right,” and “Cold Water”? These guys have made the radio rounds, to say the very least, and taken on the musical world with reimagined poise several times. Their creative chemistry is inescapable, not to mention a touchstone for the immersion of electronic dance music into contemporary culture. Perhaps most notably, each time is a sound stepping up of their game — they’re consistently getting it right, if you will.

The latest fruits of their labor, “Sun in Our Eyes,” is a nostalgic and euphoric lead single off MØ’s forthcoming sophomore effort Forever Neverland, due out Oct. 19 — a long-awaited follow-up in its own right.

“Sun in Our Eyes” sees the Danish singer looking back on a past love with melancholy, and as the bassline hits, waves of euphoria and hope for the future washes over the listener with an inescapable uplifting air that’s certainly relatable on a universal scale. “I feel the sunlight on my head/ The scent of summer in my bed/ When we were footprints in the sand/ Stealing liquor making plans,” she sings. Diplo and MØ consistently tap into the sheer complexity of human nature and emotion in their music — so here’s to hoping for a continuous connection in the studio for these two.

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