Drake shatters Apple Music’s first day streaming recordDrake Scorpion

Drake shatters Apple Music’s first day streaming record

Drake‘s hotly-anticipated double-sided release, Scorpion, is putting global streaming numbers to bed, racking up 170 million plays on Apple Music in just its first 24 hours: a new all-time record. The unprecedented feat nearly doubled Drake’s More Life numbers on the servicelast year, which garnered 89.9 million plays within the same timeframe. Elsehwere, on SpotifyScorpion was averaging an upwards of 10 million streams per hour, clocking in at 132 million for the day on the platform. Between the two streaming giants, totals are estimated to be over 300 million first day streams.

Many critics have suggested the album’s size—which features a previously unreleased Micheal Jackson vocal cut, as well as Drake corroborating rumors that he fathered a son— has been a considerable factor in its streaming success, postulating that the album’s sheer volume of material is inflating the LP’s charting performance. In any case, a Drizzy album is always bound to set the internet ablaze, and in that regard, Scorpion has undoubtedly delivered.

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