Ducky impresses with newest release ‘Headfirst’Screen Shot 2018 07 05 At 7.32.17 PM

Ducky impresses with newest release ‘Headfirst’

Morgan Neiman, better known to her fans as Ducky, is out with new music in the form of single “Headfirst.” Neiman is known for having a sound that cannot be confined to a box, and this release speaks to that with its unique combination of sounds to create an elaborate whole.

Game-like synths serve as the track’s opening, which are only amplified by anime vocal samples fluttering in the background. A hectic build then falls into a sped-up, elaborate drop that crosses through 4/4 and offbeat soundscapes — the type of eclecticism Ducky is known for. The track is perfect for fans looking for a new high energy sound to get their night going with.

Photo: Ducky Twitter