EXCLUSIVE: Kidnap targets emotions with starry new record, ‘Ursa Minor’Kidnap Kid Press Shot E1559877473798

EXCLUSIVE: Kidnap targets emotions with starry new record, ‘Ursa Minor’

The end of 2017 saw the beginnings of a new chapter unfold for Kidnap — formerly Kidnap Kid. Aside from the obvious name change, which he attributed to a feeling of growth since entering the scene at just 21 years of age, his music also saw a change as well. Though the artist has always erred toward the melodic, he’s since exposed an even more sensitive side of himself through productions under his new moniker — one with more depth and nuance.

Thus, we’re brought to his most recent release, out on his Birds That Fly imprint. “Ursa Minor” is otherworldly in its aesthetic, much like the constellation it gets its title from. Kidnap walks listeners through a valley of sentimentality, making them feel comforted in the process with sparkling, bittersweet melodies and a touching breakdown. The track keeps the mind in this hypnotized state of bliss all the way through to the end, as the last note gently fades out. “Ursa Minor” is certainly filled with class — a standard Kidnap regularly meets with each production.

“Ursa Minor” will be released on July 27. Pre-order a copy here.


Featured image provided to us by Kidnap’s team

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