GAIKA taps SOPHIE for new call to rebellion single ‘Immigrant Sons (Pesos & Gas)’Gaika 2

GAIKA taps SOPHIE for new call to rebellion single ‘Immigrant Sons (Pesos & Gas)’

Brixton-born GAIKA is getting ready to release his proper debut album, Basic Volume,  later this month on Warp Records. So far GAIKA’s shared an ominous tune, “Crown & Key,” which set the tone for the industrial dancehall and politically steeped gothic grime that would follow. His latest track, “Immigrant Sons (Pesos & Guns),”  co-produced by pop left-of-center provocateur SOPHIE maintains GAIKA’s in-your-face British grit, though with a doubling down on its dancehall dependency and political underpinnings.

The album is, in GAIKA’s own words, “a collection of alchemical parables for all the Immigrants who wander the earth in search of themselves.” On “Immigrant Sons” GAIKA’s singing directly to individuals with the power and privilege to rebel against government corruption. Even saying the words, “I want to see you in rebellion,” the song’s a vehement call to action. Complete with gothic visuals of militias, desolation, and a laserbeam-eyed GAIKA, the artist paints a picture of societal decay on “Immigrant Sons” — where together, he and SOPHIE,  consciously bestow a newfound sense of ominousness into dance music, too.

Basic Volume is out on Warp Records July 27.

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