Galantis reminisce on times past in “Mama Look At Me Now” music videoGalantis Mama Look At Me Now Music Video

Galantis reminisce on times past in “Mama Look At Me Now” music video

Last week, Galantis released two summer-defining tracks: “Satisfied” (ft. MAX) and “Mama Look At Me Now” via Big Beat Records. Now, they’ve unveiled their retrospective music video for “Mama Look At Me Now,” with top-secret video footage from the Swedish duo’s early days in 2013. “Since the early days this has been an emotional journey for us, and in many ways this is a ”thank you” to those who always believed in us when no one else did,” they mentioned to the press about this intimate glimpse into their lives.

In the music video, the story tells follows kids in school whose teachers thought they’d never amount to anything. They were hyper, had ADHD, got into trouble, and were told they’d never leave the town they grew up in. Now, they’re cruising around in golf carts backstage, traveling in style on private jets, skateboarding through hotel suites, and playing epic games of chess in exotic locales around the world.

The group dropped their second studio album, The Aviary, last year. It debuted as a top 10 album in 23 countries. With uplifting energy and infectious melodies that have captured the hearts of the mass public around them, their success is no surprise.

Photo Credit: @wearegalantis/Instagram

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