Gareth Emery’s comedy series ‘We Are CVNT5’ is finally hereWe Are Cvnt5

Gareth Emery’s comedy series ‘We Are CVNT5’ is finally here

If you’re looking for another reason to love Gareth Emery, the esteemed trance artist recently released his new comedy series, We Are CVNT5. All eight episodes are currently available on go90. Unfortunately, the streaming website will no longer be available as of July 30, so viewers have less than a month to binge-watch the series.

The show is a fictional documentary about a DJ group, CVNT5, and their wacky antics. Emery plays the frontman, Brandon Bass, and Paul Holowaty plays the handsomely vacuous Chad Chisel. While the show has received praise from fans for its comical satire, darker undertones are apparent in the narrative, creating an appropriately well-rounded show about being a superstar DJ.

Click here to watch the eight-episode pilot series on go90.

Photo Credit: @wearecvnt5/Instagram

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