Gorje Hewek & Izhevski – L’eternite / Vechnost [EP Review]Gorje Hewek Izhevski All Day I Dream Leternite Vechnost

Gorje Hewek & Izhevski – L’eternite / Vechnost [EP Review]

Russia houses a number of extraordinaires when it comes to melodic, emotive shades of dance music. Gorje Hewek & Izhevski have found their way into this realm via deep house with a hint of progressive flavor fused in, and have found their way on reputable imprints spanning from Shanti Moscow Radio to All Day I Dream.

The latter is where the collaborators have returned to sign their newest EP, L’eternite / Vechnost. It opens with “Secret,” which taps the vocal talents of Peter Broderick. A smooth, grooving bassline is paired with crisp hits of percussion and metallic. yet lush instrumentation that weaves haunting melodies around Broderick’s verses. This sound is one that’s been heavy on the All Day I Dream rotation as of late, and evokes images of daytime parties and colorful settings.

“L’eternite / Vechnost” picks up the pace, closing the EP on a strong note. It’s eerier than “Secret,” with Gorje & Izhevski using a driving low end and cinematic string harmonies to effect a gloomy atmosphere. Nonetheless, it still feels dreamy while listening, rounding out L’eternite / Vechnost fittingly. In the middle of the record, an ambient version of “Secret” sans vocals creates an “eye of the storm” effect.

Aside from a quiet single at the end of June, the duo hadn’t released anything since 2017. This could be attributed to their increased tour schedule. Hopefully, they’ll have more time in the studio in the coming months.


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