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Kaiserdisco and Karotte connect on ‘Stork & Crane’ EP

Kaiserdisco and Karotte have joined forces on a techno EP entitled Stork & Crane. 

Kaiserdisco, the project from producers Frederic Berger and Patrick Buck, makes music with the depth of two experiences on its own. When paired with fellow German producer Karotte (pronounced “carrot”) and his grounded brand of underground music, the three artists have set up a strong foundation for success.

Background aside, they deliver. A first release on ELEVATE for all of the artists involved, the EP holds nothing back with its first track, “Crane.” Here, an entrancing and ever-evolving horn-led synth line takes listeners through a hard-hitting beat until the track transforms into a beating heart of industrial techno. “Stork” returns to earth with classically styled progressive and house elements intertwined in a late-night dance floor track. Together, they’re quite a pairing.

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