Lido shares moody new single and accompanying music videoLido 3 Million

Lido shares moody new single and accompanying music video

Norwegian producer Lido has had a busy 2018 so far. He’s released an EP with J’von, produced a handful of Chance the Rapper singles, reworked Kanye and Kid Cudi’s “Kids See Ghosts,” and has even been spotted in the studio with Mura Masa and Skrillex.

Turns out he’s also been hard at work on a new single and its accompanying video, “3 Million.”

Lido lends his own voice to the moody new single, backed by a subtle trap beat.  His vocals take center stage in “3 Million,” asking listeners if they’ve ever wondered if their dreams aren’t good enough. Beautifully harmonized and flawlessly produced, the single translates perfectly into a slightly trippy video starring the producer himself.

Before unveiling the video, Lido shared the following message on his Instagram:

“:3 million: years is a long time. I’d say it’s capable of holding at least a few eternities. Plenty more than any :always: I’ll experience, far beyond what I’m (designed) to grasp. If you don’t Mind I’ll slow this moment down as much as I can !!because¡¡ the only thing elastic enough to stre-tch over that much time is: a question.”

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