Looks like XO Festival just pulled the Fyre alarmLudacris Live Credit Ap

Looks like XO Festival just pulled the Fyre alarm

It’s like it was yesterday when the world watched droves of festival goers get dropped off on an island that was supposed to be a once-in-a-lifetime weekend experience, known as Fyre Festival. As it goes, outlandish promises of high profile influencers, a stacked line-up, and top of the line amenities, the organizers bamboozled people out of thousands of dollars for just one ticket…until they arrived at the island to find that not even one stage was set up and that their food options we’re comparable to elementary school cafeteria fare.

Well, it seems that not everyone can learn from past mistakes and this time the California rap festival known as XO Festival has gone down in fyre too. XO promised music from the likes Ludacris, T.I., Funk Flex, Biz Markie and other impressive hip-hop billings along with perks like a foam pit, indoor ice rink, color arena, and more. Ticket sales ranged from $375 to $2,495…sounding familiar yet?

The ticket holders to XO lucked out slightly compared to their Fyre counterparts considering the festival has been cancelled ahead of time. However, the festival claims they are still planning it and have turned to citing “fake media” for the festival’s ultimate failure.

The venue, Contra Costa Event Park, pulled out because of “the promoters’ lack of fulfilling contractual obligations,” many artists like Dangermaker also pulled out saying there was “no compensation for us, no contract, no details,” and it was even discovered that Ludacris was already performing at a different event that same weekend. There is also speculation that one of the promoters, known as Sami Habib, could really be the alias of Habibullah Qadir, according to Amplify, who has over 40 felonies for scamming people on high-end properties. Festival goers beware, there are more Billy McFarland’s out there and the signs aren’t always obvious.

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