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Luca Lush – Demon (feat. Kamiyada+)

Luca Lush has always been known for his alternative offerings, with his messy blue hair and nearly complete disregard for genre in his production all working to form the artist’s diverse style. Seemingly trying to extend his experimentation to new depths, Luca Lush has released a blistering new single, titled “Demon.”

Featuring rising Maryland-based vocalist Kamiyada+, Luca Lush channels a variety of inspirations for this genre-bending release. Starting off with an energetic build featuring Lush’s signature complex percussion, the track drops into an aggressive festival trap anthem, with both artists seeming to challenge the other on who can go harder. The song quickly transitions into a two-step breakbeat, leading to an energy that feels like somebody mashed up The Prodigy with Carnage. A decidedly unique release, Luca Lush again proves that he is one of the most forward-thinking producers in the game.

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