LVTHER releases ultra-catchy new track with Ayelle ‘Time Well Spent’Lvther Time Well Spent Art

LVTHER releases ultra-catchy new track with Ayelle ‘Time Well Spent’

Emerging producer Lewis Dransfield, more commonly known as LVTHER to a quickly growing base of fans, is back with a sultry new collaboration that’s primed for summer playlists. The new track, “Time Well Spent” featuring Swedish-Iranian vocalist Ayelle, comes by way of Canadian imprint Monstercat. As LVTHER continues to build his profile, he’s dropped off a buzzing, futuristic pop cut on his latest, delving into the infectious new tune’s inspiration. Dransfield explains,

“It’s never been my intention to write poppy music really. I’ve always found myself obsessing over songs that I deem to be catchy, whether they’re in the pop realm or not. I listen to a lot of different types of music: psychedelic rock, hip-hop, soul.”

The track’s self-evident title is just that — time well spent on worthy repeated listens. Ready for headphones, poolside hangs, and windows-down cruising alike, LVTHER and Ayelle proctor the perfect summer track, comprised of groovy chords and ultra-catchy vocals. Although a pop-leaning product might not have been the intention, LVTHER has undoubtedly crafted a hit on “Time Well Spent.”

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