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Marc Romboy comes to Bedrock for a celestial ‘Cosmo’ EP

With Marc Romboy‘s “Atlas” reaching legendary status in techno circles since its release in 2016, the German DJ and producer has taken to John Digweed and Nick Muir’s venerable Bedrock Records for a new release. The two-track EP, entitled Cosmo, is named for the universe it represents and its real world iteration in Romboy’s cat. The title track starts out the release with an expression of deep space that begins as entrancing, layered chords, eventually adding a level of descent into deep bass progressions.

But the real star of this EP isn’t in its title, but its b-side in “Asteroids.” A melodic, trippy techno journey, “Asteroids” builds into itself with entrancing arpeggios and nods to progressive. It’s a track that lies somewhere in between a trip to the deeper sides of the underground, electronic music’s trance roots and just a plain old psychedelic trip.

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