Mark Ronson shares details on new Silk City mega-collab, studio process, & moreMark Ronson 01

Mark Ronson shares details on new Silk City mega-collab, studio process, & more

Mark Ronson is everywhere, it feels like. The producer’s collaborated with an impressive array of A-list artists over the years, laying the foundation for a number of projects.  Not to mention, he’s also altered the surrounding discourse of a number of musical genres along the way. From the recent Queens of the Stone Age album to Amy Winehouse’s seminal Back to Black to Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” each of Ronson’s efforts is a continual testament to the times and budding trends, but also to his scope, skill, and attention to detail.

Despite having an impressive résumé of his stature, it’s with both sincere wit and humbleness that the dilettante views his own successes. Recently, he’s opened up in an interview about his production, particularly his work with Diplo for the two’s new joint Silk City venture, telling The Times he’s been doing “All these things that shouldn’t really happen to someone who works in the background,” though of course, Ronson is far from the background today.

He’s worked with some of the biggest acts in music, citing his studio neurosis and Diplo’s carefree attitude as what led to the creation of Silk City. Ronson and Thomas Pentz’ joint-effort is a sound meeting of the minds, a collaboration 20 years in the making, and better yet, they’re just getting started.

So far, the two have shared the gargantuan summer tune “Only Can Get Better,” but their plans are big. While word of an album has yet to be confirmed, Ronson did reveal to The Times that Silk City’s getting ready to release an absolutely massive new single called “Electricity” co-written by Florence Welch — the frontwoman of Florence + The Machine — Romy Madley Croft of The xx, and vocals by the ever-ascending Dua Lipa.

“Electricity” is a belter, Ed Potton of The Times even describes it as “featuring spiritual piano house music like they used to make,” saying “Lipa sounds imperious” in his write-up. Ronson even says of the collaboration that Lipa “has this deep, soulful voice that harkens back to gospel house.”

Hopefully, the track won’t be the last fruit of the two’s labor. Ronson ends the interview with a joking air to his tone, “You know how they say, ‘Always make sure you wear a clean pair of underwear?’ ” he says. “Well, every song I make could be my last song,” and he’s right, but we’ll still count on him paving the way for a long, long time.

Via: The Times

Photo Credit: Alex de Brabant

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