Martin Garrix releases new single simultaneously with Tomorrowland debutHigh On Life

Martin Garrix releases new single simultaneously with Tomorrowland debut

Tomorrowland Weekend 2 has officially come to a close, and this year Martin Garrix reined in the last mainstage set as the closing headliner for the festival. Garrix’s own label, STMPD Records, released a tweet letting fans know that the producer was set to debut a brand new track during his closing set, and the song would be released to the public right after his performance.

Titled “High on Life” and featuring vocalist Bonn, is out now that Garrix’s set has come to a close. The Dutch producer has released primarily commercial tracks after his career skyrocketed at just 17 years old. Fans have seen him release festival-geared house tracks dispersed between his radio-focused releases, but “High On Life” flutters between EDM and pop with Bonn’s pop-leaning vocals juxtaposed with euphoric electronic chords. It was certainly a heartwarming addition to Garrix’ set, and its crossover appeal will translate into a widely successful single.

This release comes after Garrix’s hit collaboration with Khalid, “Ocean,” and his steady output of catchy tracks is certainly keeping Garrix top of mind for pop and electronic fans throughout the world.

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