Neil Bamford – They Are ThereThey Are There Neil Bamford

Neil Bamford – They Are There

Until now, Neil Bamford has existed deep beneath trance’s surface, honing his craft at DJing and ear for the cutting edge via his BamRadio show, and some choice releases on underground labels. His contributions to the scene have been impactful for sure; however, the latest track he’s got on his hands might just thrust him into the spotlight.

“They Are There” immediately wraps the listeners in a warm embrace with a sturdy bassline and tasteful synth placement. It blooms into cinematic masterpiece from there, using strings and melodic arrangement to create the same feeling one gets when reuniting with a loved one, or reminiscing on an easier time in live. It’s hard to create such sentimental music without crossing into overly cheesy territory, but Bamford accomplishes this with ease. That said, it’s near impossible not to feel a little teary-eyed while listening.

Solarstone swooped this single up on his Pure Trance imprint — a fitting home for such a proper uplifter.

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