OddKidOut releases ‘Solstice’ EP, features samples from OWSLA catalogArtworks 000360253809 U97cy5 T

OddKidOut releases ‘Solstice’ EP, features samples from OWSLA catalog

Skrillex is known not only for his own music, but also for his music curation and ability to identify young talent and bring it to fruition. After picking up on OddKidOut, Skrillex saw the potential and over the course of a year has been working with the up-and-coming artist for the release of his EP, Solstice. This EP is a little different than others, considering it’s made up of samples from the OWSLA catalog, ranging from Yogi‘s “Money On My Mind” and Tennyson‘s “Cry Bird,” to Skrillex’s “Would You Ever.”

Each track is strategically composed with vibrant elements that allow each song to stand out on its own, but also come together as a beautifully cohesive body of work. All four tracks also come with complementing music videos that start with a time of day and a range of scenes from dancing, friends, cryptic messages and more. The addition of the videos allows the listener to further understand and relate to each song.

OddKidOut shows excellent production proficiency in this EP and truly shows his ability to pull inspiration from multiple places, while still remaining true to his sultry lo-fi and slightly trappy style.

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