It’s official: Calvin Harris is richer than Drake & Paul McCartneyCalvin Harris Sourced From His FB

It’s official: Calvin Harris is richer than Drake & Paul McCartney

It’s common knowledge by now that EDM can be a lucrative field for certain artists, with high earners like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and The Chainsmokers successfully making a crossover into the mainstream and earning tens of millions in the process. Calvin Harris, who’s forged countless number one hits to date and captured the hearts of millions through both his beats and his body (through high fashion campaigns), has dominated the DJ high-earner list for years now, and he’s just unlocked a brand new achievement: cracking the top 50 highest-paid celebrity lists.

In fact, Calvin Harris has raked in more cash thus far for the year of 2018 than “God’s Plan” rapper and Degrassi star, Drake. with an income of $48 million. Drake, and Paul McCartney — who rests at the 51st spot — have both brought in around a million less than Harris. Still, just over a third of the year remains, which could mean that Drake could end up with more by winter’s end.

Harris’ breaking of the top 50 highest-paid celebrities comes as little surprise. Recently, a report came out which discovered that the Scottish superstar more or less earns an average person’s wage in mere hours.


Via: Forbes

Photo credit: Facebook / Calvin Harris

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