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Outside Lands to debut new on-site cannabis education area, ‘Grass Lands’

Outside Lands will interweave cannabis education with the festival experience this year via its inaugural introduction of “Grass Lands,” a cannabis focused area centered around the “celebration, education, and integration of cannabis products into daily life.”

Grass Lands will provide a platform for further learning about the uses and effects of cannabis, while simultaneously showcasing several companies active in the production of cannabis related items. Although Outside Lands attendees cannot purchase cannabis products on site, ticket holders will alternatively be able to order from delivery services, and will also have the option to buy cannabis products offsite.

Outfitted with a greenhouse staffed by cannabis specialist “bud tenders,” a lemonade stand, “smell wall,” a “cannabis themed market,” and a flower shop, Grass Lands will join Outside Lands’ previously established Wine and Beer Lands areas.

Outside Lands’ introduction of the cannabis-centric space signals the event’s gravitation towards legal marijuana use in the festival circuit, following California’s implementation of legislation for legal recreational marijuana in early 2018. The San Francisco based event is slated for August 10-12.

H/T: Mixmag

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