Premiere: Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Pukwudgie (Gai Barone Remix)Pukwudgie Gai Barone Remi

Premiere: Simon Berry & Luke Brancaccio – Pukwudgie (Gai Barone Remix)

Simon Berry and his label Platipus records are names synonymous with trance and progressive’s golden age. As an artist, Berry’s produced numerous anthems under the names Union Jack, Art Of Trance, and his own; more recently, his collaboration with Luke Brancaccio titled “Close Your Eyes” became a hit on Bedrock and even inspired a remix from John Digweed and Nick Muir themselves.

Now, Berry returns to his home of Platipus with Brancaccio in toe, this time for a touching new single, “Pukwudgie.” The original is a smooth, sentimental ride through celestial melodies and hollow plucks. However, Gai Barone and Barry Jamieson’s Mono Electric Orchestra have proven themselves as formidable remixes, and have stepped up to forge some equally refreshing takes on the original.

Dancing Astronaut is particularly impressed with what Gai Barone has done to “Pukwudgie.” One of the prominent new progressive talents in current years, the Italian artist transforms the original into a silky tune that rolls through a warm low-end and ethereal synthwork. He arranges the notes in a way to make his subjects feel like they’re travelling space, with drawn out celestial accents and soft padding. This is precisely the lush, hypnotic sound that Barone consistently delivers, and it’s tough not to want to close one’s eyes on the dancefloor while listening.

Pre-order the track, which releases on July 27, here.

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