Remember Sidney Samson’s ‘Riverside?’ Oliver Heldens is here to remind youRiverside 2099 Oliver Heldens Sidney Samson

Remember Sidney Samson’s ‘Riverside?’ Oliver Heldens is here to remind you

Sidney Samson is a hardly recognizable name in today’s EDM-sphere; however, in 2009 this Dutch producer had taken the rave world by storm with his raucous single “Riverside” and its puzzling accompanying video. Those living through this single’s time at the top of charts will likely never forget its signature “Riverside, motherf***er” chant that leads into wacky drop filled with infectious, quirky synth melodies and lush percussion.

Thanks to future house pioneer and Heldeep Records owner Oliver Heldens, Samson and “Riverside” have returned to visibility. Heldens joined forces with the original creator to remake the single into a more modern, “Riverside 2099.” The re-work takes the original’s quirky flair, and underlines it with hearty kicks and funk-inspired electro riffs that make for a satisfying harmonization. Indeed, it certainly feels like it was made in this year; though, we’ll always have a soft spot for the original.


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