Rick Pier O’Neil – Earth Mover (Stas Drive Remix)Stas Drive

Rick Pier O’Neil – Earth Mover (Stas Drive Remix)

When it comes to progressive, the enigmatic Rick Pier O’Neil is what one would call a “DJ’s producer.” He’s a true juggernaut when it comes to crafting songs that work the dancefloor, and his productions are often heard in sets by DJs like John 00 Fleming, Hernan Cattaneo, and more.

He recently stopped by one of his regular outlets, Proton, to release a melodic beauty by the name of “Earth Mover,” which has since been redesigned by a multitude of skilled talents. One particular standout, however, is by Stas Drive.

The blossoming Ukranian talent transforms “Earth Mover” into something virtually unrecognizable, but equally brilliant. He borrows some of the original’s vocal edits, placing them slyly in the background, while fashioning a sensual new production around it that inspires a carnal reaction through woodwinds and lush percussion. It’s the kind of track one would want to spin on a hot summer night, preferably outdoors and with someone who has a sense of rhythm.

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