RL Grime’s ‘Core’ is four years old: remembering its greatnessRL Grime Void Core

RL Grime’s ‘Core’ is four years old: remembering its greatness

Quite a few trap aficionados point to the era of 2012-2015 as trap’s heyday. RL Grime dominated the scene as one of its prime pioneers at the time, and continues to do so today.

It’s difficult to be into bass music and not be aware of the song “Core.” Characterized by its wild horn samplings and thick, sludgy bass that whips audiences into submission, this masterful piece of trap history became one of the heaviest-rinsed tracks on the circuit for years after its release, and one of the most memorable singles of RL Grime’s already enormous collection of anthems. It also gave fans a solid taste of what was to come on the heavyweight’s groundbreaking VOID album.

As “Core” inspired quite a few young trap producers over the years, we’ve decided to look back on its goodness and honor its fourth birthday, which passed by on July 15. We’re reminded of the base it served for Grime’s most recent single off his upcoming sophomore album, “Pressure.”



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