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Ross from Friends unveils debut LP on Brainfeeder

Ross from Friends has become one of the most prominent purveyors of lo-fi house since the subgenre’s explosion over the past couple years. Alongside DJ Seinfeld, Mall Grab, and more, Ross from Friends has made serious waves with his understated approach to the typically high-charged genre. Now, lovers of all things lo-fi will be pleased to know that the artist has released his debut LP, titled Family Portrait, on Flying LotusBrainfeeder imprint.

Spanning twelve lush tracks, Family Portrait is a truly impressive work, and comprehensive as well. It’s packed to the brim with warm textures and beautifully complex percussion, and stands as a culmination of the producer’s life up to this point. Ross from Friends, a.k.a. Felix Weatherall, grew up with music all around him – he watched his father DJ and produce on analog gear after touring the eclectic European rave circuit. The old school influence is clearly present in this record, with an attention to detail and a long-form prowess giving off an aura reminiscent of the storied scenes of London and Detroit. A smooth and invigorating listen, Ross from Friends has set the bar very high with his first full length offering, proving that lo-fi house is here not only to stay, but also to grow.

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