Rynn releases new chill electronic single ‘Tokyo,’ produced by Luca Buccellati2

Rynn releases new chill electronic single ‘Tokyo,’ produced by Luca Buccellati

Indie electronic songstress Rynn may not yet be on the dance music world’s radar, but she soon will be. The LA-based alt/dream pop artist was recently featured on R3HAB‘s “Talking to You,” off of the 2017 release Trouble. “Talkin’” was discovered from her first EP release and then and re-released with dance production by R3HAB​.

Rynn comes back on July 19 with “Tokyo,” her first single since her 2017 cover of Drake‘s “With You.” The singer did some early production on “Tokyo” herself, but really wanted to find a producer who could fully bring the song to life. She did a fair amount of exploring producer options and ultimately brought in Luca Buccellati.

“Luca was able to enhance my initial production rather than go in a different direction,” Rynn says. “He also was invested in working on the whole project rather than just one song. When I was shown his work, I instantly connected with his sound and fell in love with the other artist projects he was apart of. When Luca started working on the tracks, we kept building off the initial demo stems I had started…so it’s cool to see how elements from the demo made it into the final version.”

In the end, “Tokyo” takes the listener through Rynn’s journey of self-recreation during a life-changing month-long trip to Japan. It’s is a fusion of ethereal soundscapes and hypnotically unfurling melodies that captivate listeners with its dreamy, atmospheric sound.

“Tokyo holds one of the most special places in my heart, because it was where I fell to my lowest point, but also the place of the biggest turning point which ended up shaping me the most,” Rynn says. “I knew that once I came back home things had to be different. I knew that I had to find myself, and rebuild myself.”

Since her initial EP release, Rynn’s palette of sounds has continued to evolve. She is currently wrapping up her latest body of work and continues her musical expedition as a songwriter and artist.

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