Seth Troxler calls Fox News’ Hannity a ‘fascist’ to his face [Watch]Elephant Studio Seth Troler

Seth Troxler calls Fox News’ Hannity a ‘fascist’ to his face [Watch]

Fox News’ Sean Hannity took to the streets of London to conduct brief interviews with those protesting President Trump’s earlier arrival in Great Britain. Hannity’s questions to those rallying against Trump — “why are you here today?” and “why don’t you like the President of the United States?” — invited a multitude of answers, including one from none other than house  tastemaker, Seth Troxler. The producer had been playing a protest party at Soho Radio, where guests proceeded to join demonstrators afterward.

In response to Hannity’s inquiry as to what Troxler was specifically “resisting,” Troxler promptly responded “fascism,” but didn’t stop there. When Hannity followed up by asking “who’s a fascist,” he unhesitatingly answered by calling Hannity a fascist to his face, making for a must see TV moment. Sadly, cameras panned away from the scene before viewers could hear anything else from the exchange, but we have a feeling Troxler had a lot more to say.



Photo credit: Elephant Studios

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