Spiral Deluxe announces forthcoming album, ‘Voodoo Magic’Jeff Mills

Spiral Deluxe announces forthcoming album, ‘Voodoo Magic’

It’s Voodoo Magic and all that jazz for Jeff Mills‘ electronic jazz quartet Spiral Deluxe as the group looks ahead to the release of their next record on Mills’ own Axis Records imprint. A five-track offering crafted in single takes over a two-day span, Voodoo Magic will debut on Axis on September 7.

Mills will continue to carry out his drum machine and percussive duties on Voodoo Magic, while fellow Spiral Deluxe constituents Gerald Mitchell, Yumiko Ohno, and Kenji ‘Jino’ Hino round out the quartet’s sound on the keyboard, Moog Synth, and bass and vocals, respectively.

Voodoo Magic’s inclusion of a remix crafted by none other than Detroit’s own deep house sonic spinster Terrence Parker further sweetens the news of the album’s impending arrival.

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