Spotify tests out new, slimmed-down Lite appScreen Shot 2017 09 27 At 9.19.05 AM

Spotify tests out new, slimmed-down Lite app

Struggling with storage space is a problem that faces all too many mobile device users. In an effort to alleviate some of this digital pain, Spotify has begun testing a slimmed-down “Spotify Lite” application.

At a meager 15 MB, Spotify Lite runs a much leaner operation than its 100 MB counterpart. However, this saved space does not come without a slashing of in-app features. The Lite app will not support Spotify Connect, which allows users to play music via TVs or other remote devices. The app also removes the ability to listen to any song at once and completely eliminates offline listening, allowing only for the shuffling of albums and playlists while online — similar to the options offered in Spotify’s unpaid membership. While the app is only available for testing on Android phones in Brazil and its future is still in question, this slender version of Spotify may be coming our way soon.

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